Hey look, another blog!

I'm aware that it's almost a meme at this point to have a personal blog, however I've found that social media sites aren't always the best place to have longer-form, text-heavy content. This blog allows me to share my thoughts in a longer-form format, which allows me to put a little bit more time into researching and fleshing out ideas.

I'm not going to be sticking too closely to any single topic, but this will be a mix of life updates, topic breakdowns, or anything else I find interesting that relates to technology.

Why I'm changing my tech stack


I started to seriously teach myself web design about three years ago now, and this year I'm once again reinventing my development stack to use a JavaScript-first approach.

Notifications suck - here's why


How did I go from a die-hard believer in smartwatches to selling mine and never looking back? The foremost is notification stress.

Light vs. dark theme: which is better?


I've seen many debates as to which theme is the 'superior', and which should be designed for. Let's break down the psychology of each to see which your application should use.

Why we should design for stupid people


Designing for 'stupid people' isn't about designing for literally stupid people: it's about designing something so that regular people can still use what we design if they aren't on the ball that day.

Taskmaster • Making for myself


For as long as I've been developing software, I've been looking for a project that is both engaging to build and has a definite target market. The former criteria was easy; the challenge and reward of building something new had always been what drew me to software development, but the latter criteria was always difficult.

Phosphorus • Building my own design system


Phosphorus is the culmination of everything I've learned about UI & UX since I started designing for computers half a decade ago. Here's how and why I built it.

Morgann • I got bored


Have you every felt like being a pain to your friends is just too much effort? Like there was a way to... automate insults? A common issue, I know. With the world in lockdown and nothing better to do, my friends and I took to insulting one particular friend at every chance we got, which naturally led to the need for an automated system to handle it when we couldn't.

Gravity • Defying Reality


Gravity (the physical force) is one of those things that, whenever you play around with it in art, you get some truly magnificent results. At least, I find it amazing, anyways. The easiest way to awe me about something is to make it float. Why? I don't know. I guess it just comes with the territory of being physically impossible - if you can suspend a massive object metres into the air, what can't you do?