My name is Isaac Shea, and I'm a Brisbane-based student delving deep into graphic, game and web design, and far more. I specialise in the intersection between design and code, so I often work in front-end design.

I began my journey back in 2015 on a novice programming site called Scratch, where I designed basic UI and UX examples (not too many games, though, because I wasn't any good).

Over the Christmas break of 2016/17, I decided to learn to make a game in Game Maker 2, and actually got started on my first game, Gravity, for which I created all the art, music and code. My journey with Game Maker largely revolved around Gravity, and when Yoyo Games dropped support for Game Maker 2, I was forced to switch to Unity (which I wanted to do anyways).

From there, I finished up Gravity late 2019, and begun work on my second (and still in development) solo game, Hot Doggerie. For Hot Doggerie, I wanted to focus heavily on building an intuitive interface with refined game mechanics, something I neglected in Gravity.

This year, however, I have delved into far more than game design. Having become a bit bored (and with too much time on my hands), I jumped into Discord Bot development, creating Morgann to automatically roast a few of my friends, but my ambitions far exceed just this.

I am currently working on a brand new bot named Brandonn, that combines Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing into a fantastic package. I'm yet to release more informaiton, so stick around if you want to see that!

Alongside Morgann and Brandonn, I recently teamed up with the STiBaRC Team to redesign the STiBaRC website, and I am super excited to showcase it soon!

If you want to contact me, you can do so through any of the links below, or through my email at