A little bit about me

I'm a Brisbane-based IT & IxD student at QUT. I've been making content on the internet since 2015, experimenting with game development, brand design and full-stack development.

I've become proficient in Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Node.JS, specializing in user interaction and experience. I also have experience in brand design, with some of my work being used by car restorers and ending up on the side of mining equipment!

At the moment I'm exploring the possibilities of web-based UX with my own design engine Phosphorus, and using the full-stack development workflow to build a series of free, openly-researched applications under the brand of Taskmaster, the first application of which, Wolfram, is available now.

How I got here

I started back in 2015 on the novice programming site Scratch making small interface mockups, but after I became bored of that I challenged myself to make a game over the Christmas holidays over 2016/17.

From there, I began to develop my first (and only) game, Gravity, which I spent another three years working on before finishing it in late 2019. I developed all the art, code and music for the game. When I started the project I was 13. Gravity is still available on the Google Play Store if you'd like to play it.

In 2020, my horizons started expanding as I left game development in favour of building Discord bots with Python. My favourite bot was Morgann, which I developed during the Queensland lockdowns in April 2020 to heartlessly insult my friends.
Also in 2020 I learned HTML, CSS and JavaScript to start building my website from scratch (I had been using Wix up until this point). Ever since, every website I've made has been built from the ground up.

2021 saw me leave Python development behind almost entirely as I leaned heavily into web development and started university. I started the year by developing Adrodex (now the Shea Marketplace), an online marketplace with a server built using Node.JS and Express.JS.
In June I started to take a laser focus to my health (something I'd more or less neglected in years prior), and used my new knowledge of Node.JS to build Wolfram, an all-in-one workout generator application.
Wolfram is now part of the Taskmaster suite, which is a suite of applications designed to bring Wolfram's wisdom to other aspects of my life, such as diet and organisation.
To help me develop the Taskmaster suite, and to consolidate everything I've learned about UI & UX, I developed Phosphorus, an in-house web design framework for websites and webapps. It's now used for everything I make - even this website is made with it!

What I'm up to now

Having finished Wolfram V in December 2021, I'm now moving to the second and diet-focused Taskmaster application, Polymer. I have no concrete timeline for when this will see the light of day, but I'm hoping to have it for the most part done by late 2022.

I'm also becoming increasingly interested in the hardware side of electronics, which I haven't really explored before. I'm not sure exactly what I'll do with it, but I'm beginning to explore it nonetheless.

The second year of my university course is due to start in February, so once it starts back again this site may become less active, but I'd like to keep consistent updates going on the blog or my Instagram.

Get in touch

If you want to work with me, have questions about my projects, or just want to get in touch, you can use the form below, or contact me directly through my email ([email protected]) I'll respond to as many geniune messages as I can.

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