You know that moment when you annoy someone for years about redesigning their website and then one day they actually say yes?

Me too.

STiBaRC is a site wherein users can create posts and send them to other users, similar to Reddit and Facebook (although don't tell anybody I said that). STiBaRC has been a nice message board site that a friend of mine, Joshua Herron (or Herronjo) came up with years ago, and for the most part it's really cool.

But the design has always been... Well, painful.

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A screenshot of the original site as of early 2020. It hurts me.

This has been fine, though, because the site had been mostly a joke.

But then Herronjo decided he would like to turn it into something more, and I jokingly mentioned I'd redesign it with him if he wanted.

Much to my suprise, he accepted my offer. Soon after I was teamed up with another friend, Ben Border (or Bunnbuns), and we set to work.


It's designer time!

Now that we more or less had the go-ahead on the redesign, we set out to establish a new design. I had a couple of things that I wanted to make sure we nailed, so I designed my concepts around them.

Basically, my overall goal was to include the best parts of the original STiBaRC client in constructing a brand new experience that functioned in a professional manner.

After some prototyping, this is the new design I came up with:

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A recent concept of the new and improved design.

Currently, the new STiBaRC client is under development, and includes a lot more changes than the ones I've talked about here (mostly to do with backend server stuff I don't fully understand), which we'll be sharing details about as we near release.

So if you're interested in keeping up with this, feel free to visit the current site version, or check out the GitHub repository!