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Entering E-commerce

First Written 01 Feb, 2020 //

What started as a project to sell some app icons I made for my girlfriend has evolved into an e-commerce site for quality graphic design projects.

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With the release of widgets and more home screen customisation in Apple’s iOS/iPadOS 14 update, the online world exploded with custom app icons to give your homescreen a consistent feeling. The trouble is, everybody (including my girlfriend) flocked to Google Images for their icons, naturally meaning everyone’s home screens made a design fanatic like me want to die.

Eventually, I got so sick of looking at her home screen I rebuilt all her icons with a neon style. I can’t say with 100% honesty that she liked them as much as her old ones, but I certainly did.

I wanted to make her icons that looked professional and consistent, yet remained unique to her and the style of her phone.

The whole experience got me thinking: I wanted to make a place for people to be able to download some of these app icons for themselves. This may or may not be because a number of other people asked about where they could get some icons for themselves.
Initially, the idea was to create a section of my site where people could select individual icons to create their own packs, but over time the idea dramatically evolved.

My mother (who runs Manage My Bookkeeping, which I did a branding for a while back), has wanted a site to be able to sell some business resources for a few years now, but never knew how best to do it. She’d often jokingly suggest to me that I build her a place to sell these products.
That sparked an idea to have a general digital marketplace to sell my products my family, friends or I wanted to sell, which could include my app icons.
Although at the time of writing my mother’s products are not on Adrodex, the option is there for when she wants to use it.

The initial, very neon-themed concept vs. the current, production-ready concepts. The neon didn’t fit bookkeeping all too well.

The first issue I had to cross with developing Adrodex was the substantial amount I had to learn to get it off the ground; I knew nothing about technical web development, handling payments, and general server-side stuff before I began. I just hoped that what I was conceptualising was possible.
This presented a large issue of time; between working 30+ hours a week and spending most of my free time working on Morgann or Gravity, I had very little of it to spare to start a new project, let alone learn a new programming language and workflow style.

Then, (un?)fortunately, Brisbane went into complete lockdown again. It was only for a few days, but it gave me the time off work that I needed to jump start a new project (the exact same thing happened for Morgann, but for about 2 months). I already had decent concepts, so all I needed to do was develop the website and learn how to process payments.

I won’t dive too much into the technical aspects of Adrodex, but for those curious I used native HTML and CSS for the frame and styling of the site (loosely based around my own design framework, which I may release more on later), and Node.JS (Express) for the server-side. I also settled on Stripe as a payment partner because of its great API and amazing tutorials.

My Neon Collection.

As of the time of release, Adrodex currently has my Neon Collection of app icons, which contains a slightly improved and vastly expanded lineup of app icons that I used for my girlfriend’s phone. I also have another, super sleek looking collection in the works, plans to make some sweet looking desktop backgrounds, and many plans for this project.

It was a lot of fun to make, and an excellent way to support what I do, plus get some funky content for yourself.

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